ELTMaestro for Amazon Redshift

ELTMaestro for Redshift allows you to use AWS Redshift the same way you would use a traditional ETL program like DataStage or Informatica — while retaining all of the power, speed, and capacity of Redshift. You can load securely from anywhere, and design transformations for your data using a graphical dataflow representation. ELTMaestro for Redshift contains everthing you need to build your data warehouse/ data integration project quickly and easily.  For more information, read our whitepaper.

Like all editions of ELTMaestro, ELTMaestro for Redshift comes with integrated ELTMaestro Hadoop/Data Lake capability for unstructured data.

Redshift Users:  Click on AWS Marketplace ELTMaestro for your FREE subscription to ELTMaestro for Redshift.  Get up and running in minutes using the QuickStart Guides below.  (You’ll need to pay Amazon’s EC2 instance charges.)

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QuickStart Guides

What you need to know to get up and running in minutes.

QuickStart 1: Preparing Redshift for an ELTMaestro Installation

QuickStart 2: Installing ELTMaestro for RedShift

QuickStart 3: Creating a Sample Job

Redshift Initial Configuration Guide

ELTMaestro Windows Client — DownloadInstallation Instructions

ELTMaestro Linux Agent — DownloadInstallation Instructions

ELTMaestro User Guide — Download

Contact us at if you would like to install ELTMaestro server at your own on-premise Linux system.