Summer, 2016 — ELTMaestro for Amazon RedShift now available at AWS Marketplace.
New white paper available, “ELTMaestro for RedShift: ELT in the Cloud”
US Navy Chooses ELTMaestro for ‘Big Data’ Logistics project

Yes, We ELT

ELTMaestro incorporates a best practices framework for data integration and data warehouse operations. It is especially suited for low-cost, ultra-high-performance data transformation & integration. Test drive this unique and innovative product and find out how you can apply its concepts.

Purpose Built for the Target Platform

ELTMaestro takes advantage of the speed and capacity of the target platform -- whether it's RedShift, Netezza, or Hadoop.

ELTMaestro White Papers

Many data warehouse architects have concluded that with currently available hardware, ELT has marked performance and cost advantages over ETL as a way of loading data warehouses, especially if high-performing data warehouse platforms such as RedShift or Netezza are available.